The celebration of the national holiday "Nauryz" in the village Kasymbek, Zhambyl district, at the "Texan Kazakhstan Invest".

Today, we invited all residents of Kasymbek village, all our employees with families, respected elders, the imam of village, neighbors and the management of Zhambyl district to an open day in our factory. Today, everyone could see products manufactured in our factory, work conditions and accommodation in our hostel, specially built for our staff and guests, plans for 2016, investments and etc. Creative and artistic personalities were invited to carry out interesting entertaining games for all comers. Guests were given delicious treats and opportunity to have fun and relax. 

Of course, we did not forget about the main thing: there were excursions, explanatory works,  demonstration of goods and production process.

The look of happiness on faces of our guests, meant that they liked what they saw. Thanks to all, who spoke warmly about our company today, who truly wished us further prosperity. We are deeply touched by your devotion and will make every effort not to lose it.